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About Us

Forest Herbal Research is a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of 100% Natural/Herbal Pesticides and Fertilizer. We are located at Mahuva (Bhavnagar, Gujarat)

Forest Herbal Research founded in 2004 with aim to produce environment friendly products for agriculture field. It has established it is distinguished position agriculture. Forest Herbal Research is continuously doing research as part of their strategy to improve or invent new environment friendly products.


We understand importance of environment, soil and human, so we develop products for nature using natural.

Our wide range of 100% Natural/Herbal Pesticides and Fertilizer products includes 'Agri Herbo 99', Gibbre 2.7, 'Doctor's Dose', 'Challanger', 'Virol', 'Cyto-K9','Germi Powder', 'Seed's Guard', 'Swine Out' and 'Raw Gold'.

Our representative visits farmers and explain them harms of chemical and pesticides. Also we show demonstration of our products.


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