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Forest Herbal Research is a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of 100% Natural/Herbal Pesticides and Fertilizer.

The demand for new agricultural technology is growing in India as well in the world. The demand is increasing for food, and consumers want higher quality food and less environmental pollution. It is clear that the heavy use of chemicals has already caused serious damage to health, ecosystems and ground water. Consumers became aware of the harmful effects of pesticides and chemicals used in modern agriculture. Organic agriculture emerged as a feasible option to concerns related to increasing contamination in food. It is therefore increasingly urgent that environment friendly methods of improving soil fertility and pests and disease control are used.

We have developed products which are supplementary to the Chemical Fertilizers and pesticides. It works as natural fertilizer and pesticide it protects crop from attack of pest, insects and disease. It works growth promoter and increase crop yield.

We have established large-scale production processes and facilities that permit us to meet customer needs and ensures best quality and continuous availability of our products. Currently, we are marketing our products through distributors and direct marketing.

Our Products are
 bulletEco Friendly
 bulletIncrease yields and quality of crops
 bulletCost effective
 bullet100% Natural & Non Toxic
We Offer...
   Super Gibbre       Virol
   Agri Herbo 99     Land Power
   Swine Out            Doctor's Dose
   Germi Powder    Cyto-K9
   Seed's Guard      Gibbre 2.7
   Prolong                  King Cotton
Super Gibbre
Agri Herbo-99
Swine Out
Germi Powder
Land Power
Doctor's Dose
Seed's Guard

Forest Herbal Research believes in continuous improvement in our products through research activity in field. We continuously do experiments to improve our products as well as to bring new innovation to people to meet emerging challenges in the field of agriculture.

Our Research Objectives
(1) Increase yields and quality of crop produce,
(2) Farmerís costs of production should decrease,
(3) Increase the income of the Farmers,
(4) Improve human and environmental safety.
(5) Continuous improvement in our product quality
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  Quality Control

Our high quality is an outcome of the quality improvement program we have adopted. We personally visit various farmers and continuously take feedback from them. We use their feedback to improve our product quality. We ensure best quality and continuous availability of our products.

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