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bulletProlong is a plant growth regulator used on apples to improve fruit shape and size through elongation of fruit.
bulletProlong increases weight of individual fruit and yield.
bulletPromalin is a mixture of two ingredients:
1) Natural Cytokinin
2) Natural Gibberellins.
bulletUltimately larger fruit with more, larger cells and better overall fruit finish with better quality.
Benefits of use of Prolong
1)It helps to grow more appealing apples. It can improve the size and weight of the apple which is very important
2)Increases fruit size, hence total yield results in better financial returns.
3)Maximizes fruit shape.
4)Better quality, improve overall fruit finish.
5)Russet control.
WAter solubles Gibbrellin,Cyco K.9
100 % Natural
How to Apply
bulletFirst spray at early stage of king bloom, Second spray at full boom/Petal fall +15 days period (Help for better size and Shape). Spraying at weekly interval. After full boom period helps to control Russet.
bulletFor Better Result recommended to spray between 18?C to 32?C temperature
bulletEarly mornings and late evenings are desirable spraying times, as long as the temperature is between 18?C to 32?C temperature. Early morning or late evening helps to keep sprayed mater on plant (Slow drying)
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