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Forest Herbal Research believes in continuous improvement in our products through research activity in field. We continuously do experiments to improve our products as well as to bring new innovation to people to meet emerging challenges in the field of agriculture. we always involve farmers in new experiments. Farmers feed back we make our product more need oriented to end users

Our Research Objectives:
    bulletIncrease yields and quality of crop produce,
    bulletFarmerís costs of production should decrease,
    bulletIncrease the income of the Farmers,
    bulletImprove human and environmental safety.
    bulletContinuous improvement in our product quality

Our Research and Quality Improvement Strategy

We continuously study ayurveda and interact with people to understand various plants characteristic and chose some idea and we do experiment in our farm for 1 or 2 years. Based on result and observation we give sample to farmers for further excrement. we send product for Toxicity checks in laboratory. We start Commercial marketing after successful experimentation at lab & land level.

Our high quality is an outcome of the quality improvement program we have adopted. We personally visit various farmers and continuously take feedback from them. We use their feedback to improve our product quality. We ensure best quality and continuous availability of our products.

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